Engagio is Joining Influitive!

Today, we’re announcing that Engagio is merging with Influitive as part of an acquisition transaction we have just completed.

I’m very excited to share this news with you because it was the right thing to do for Engagio, its employees, and the Social Conversations product we have built over the past year.

I’ve known Mark Organ, CEO and co-founder of Influitive for over two years, when he was moonlighting at the Xtreme Labs offices while Influitive was in the early development stages. Ever since, we stayed in touch and held a lot of respect for each other. As fellow entrepreneurs, we often commisurated on the lack of early interest from Canadian VCs in our startup companies (when I was running Eqentia), as we both turned to the US ecosystem for support.

Last summer, I approached Mark last summer for a partnership arrangement where we would provide them Advocacy related social conversations via our nascent API. He liked the idea but asked me to hold off a few months.

By Christmas of last year, on December 27th, we were at the lunch table discussing how we could enrich their AdvocateHubs with our social conversations data. It occured to both of us that we each held an important key to Mark’s vision of advocate marketing. Influitive offered an application and advocate experience that made it easy to mobilize customers. Engagio owned technology that can help B2B marketers identify the best opportunities for advocate engagement. After lunch, we went back to Mark’s office and behind closed doors, we almost simultaneously spurted out the idea of the merger. As it turns out, we had both been thinking about it, but didn’t want to say it upfront, til later.

It took a few weeks of negotiations and attending to the required details of diligence, and the rest is now history. Our entire team is joining Influitive, and I’ve become a big supporter of Advocate Marketing. Actually, my job will be to evangelize the concept by educating the market, publishing thought leadership and managing Influitive’s AdvocateHub, called VIP.

The synergies between Engagio and Infltuitive are very strong because the combination of customer advocacy and social engagement is a new frontier. Having visibility into social web conversations is part of the new social marketing mix.

Going forward, we will be integrating several pieces of the Engagio technology into Influitive’s AdvocateHub. You can expect to see us facilitate the tracking, and monitoring of social conversations, as well as providing further intelligence around Advocate activities.

If you have not heard of Influitive, go check them out at http://www.influitive.com, and sign-up for a free trial. You probably already know who your best customers are, but maybe you have not been able to effectively harness their advocacy activities to benefit your marketing efforts. Influitive makes it easy to mobilize them to discuss, support or evangelize your products and services on the social web where buyers are turning to their peers for advice on their purchasing decisions.

I’d like to thank all of our users and advocates for their amazing support throughout our one year of existence. 110 articles were written about Engagio in the past 12 months approximately, and that says a lot about the support we have had.

Please let me know directly or via comments here what you think of this announcement and how we could further leverage the power of Engagio inside the Influitive Advocate Marketing platform. After all, Advocate Marketing is a visionary idea that is becoming a new Core Business Process with immediate benefits to those who manage it well.

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One year ago, Engagio was born

Birthday cake 2010

Today marks the one-year anniversary for Engagio’s market entry. A year ago, on December 6 2011, we launched the MVP with semi-private Alpha access on Fred Wilson’s blog AVC.com, just 8 weeks after beginning to write the first line of code on the product.

On this occasion, I’d like to recount our accomplishments, take stock, but also look forward to the year ahead. Like other small but mighty startups, we like to think we punch above our weight.

First, I’m proud of the Engagio team: Bart Gajderowicz, Ghazaleh Etezal and Abdallah Al-Hakim. Second, I’m grateful when we hear Engagio users say great things about Engagio. That means the most to us and is a market proof that we’re doing something of significant value. So, I went to Storify and scooped a small collection of praise from the past 3 days. It includes a few non-English comments which is representative of the growing global nature of Engagio’s footprint.

Third, I’d proud of our product accomplishments. Here’s a short list of the major ones:

  • Dashboard Stream to follow anyone you’d like
  • Compose, Share, Filters from your Inbox
  • Multiple Accounts per user
  • Engagement Discovery via Email (a very popular feature with 26% click rates!)
  • Following friends from other networks
  • Working with 14 API’s to-date
  • Gmail Chrome Extension
  • HTML5 Web Mobile App
  • Internal Messaging between Engagio users
  • A revamped UI including UX improvements
  • New logo
  • Indexed 30+ million comments from 85,000 sites and close to 7 millions users
  • Browsable Discovery of popular conversations with innovative UI
  • Global Social Conversations Search across the networks we support
  • Email Conversations Alerts by keywords/search term

And on the usage side, we can brag about very high retention stats among active users with 85% returning weekly and 45% returning daily. That’s a very high stat, compared to typical standards. In addition, 24% of our traffic came from backlinks which is a testament that we’re spreading our wings in the entire web.

In sum, we have revealed the three phases of Engagio’s evolution: Manage, Follow, Discover. And we are now going to push the enveloppe further in the area of Discovery and Search because they represent a big opportunity for user growth, value-add and monetization options.

This first year has been exhilarating and rewarding. I’m looking forward to the 2nd year and ones ahead.

Thank you again if you are an Engagio user, observer or supporter.

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Launching Global Conversations Search and Discovery

We are launching today most awaited major new enhancements that will position Engagio as an essential destination for Social Conversations Search and Discovery.

Engagio Social Search

You can now search threaded discussions and online comments from 14 sources including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Disqus, YouTube, StackExchange, StockTwits, Angel List and Foursquare….and receive Email alerts based on these searches, similar to Google Alerts.

This rounds-up our evolution from a starting point of helping users to manage their own social interactions (Inbox), to following their friends’ interactions (Dashboard), and now to searching and discovering “any” conversations by topic, keyword or person.

The big picture is about enabling Searching social conversations and online comments from a variety of networks. No other service has combined online comments and social network discussions together, in addition to offering public Search and Email alerts. So far, Engagio has indexed 30 millions comments from over 6 million people on 14 networks and 85,000 sites.

The way we display Search results is innovative. We reveal the People and Sites behind any given Search results. This helps users to identify potential influencers in the topics they are interested in. We also reveal the communities that are discussing these subjects, enabling users to join these conversations and connect with the right people.

Engagio Search Results Page

New UI & New Logo!
In addition to the above new enhancements, we have also revamped our UI for the first time since our initial launch last February. Our new logo is notable by the way the “e” is depicted to resemble the “@”. This signals the fact that social engagement is the new Email. The Engagio Chrome Gmail plugin helps to re-enforce that concept even further by juxtaposing the social Inbox next to the email Inbox.

HTML5 Mobile Web App
Engagio is also launching an HTML5-based Mobile Web application that’s optimized for Androids and iPhone. It provides a similar to native experience and includes the Inbox, Dashboard stream and Contacts folders. Users can quickly respond from their social Inbox efficiently and they can follow friends’ conversations via the Dashboard’s stream.

Engagio Mobile iPhone Engagio Mobile Android








Engagio is now the best place to manage, follow, discover and engage in Web Conversations.

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Following Conversations and Comments on Engagio

We are used to following People on the social web, and it’s the norm now. You follow people on Twitter, Facebook and social networks. You follow users on commenting platforms, such as Disqus. You follow Pinterest items by pinning them. You follow blogs on Tumblr or via RSS feeds.

But how about following Conversations or Discussions?

That’s what we’ve allowed you to do now with Engagio.

You can follow any discussion thread, tweet, comment or discussion from your Engagio Dashboard, or from an Engagio Search results page. We follow the entire context with it.

Just hover over the entry and a Follow button is revealed. Just Follow or Unfollow the item.

Unfollow conversations

As soon as you follow an entry, we’ll place it in your Inbox with a + sign, and we keep monitoring new content that gets added to its context.

Follow in the Engagio Inbox

You can even Unfollow the thread inside your Inbox.

Try it. It’s great for keeping an eye on conversations that you were not involved in.

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