Launching Global Conversations Search and Discovery

We are launching today most awaited major new enhancements that will position Engagio as an essential destination for Social Conversations Search and Discovery.

Engagio Social Search

You can now search threaded discussions and online comments from 14 sources including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Disqus, YouTube, StackExchange, StockTwits, Angel List and Foursquare….and receive Email alerts based on these searches, similar to Google Alerts.

This rounds-up our evolution from a starting point of helping users to manage their own social interactions (Inbox), to following their friends’ interactions (Dashboard), and now to searching and discovering “any” conversations by topic, keyword or person.

The big picture is about enabling Searching social conversations and online comments from a variety of networks. No other service has combined online comments and social network discussions together, in addition to offering public Search and Email alerts. So far, Engagio has indexed 30 millions comments from over 6 million people on 14 networks and 85,000 sites.

The way we display Search results is innovative. We reveal the People and Sites behind any given Search results. This helps users to identify potential influencers in the topics they are interested in. We also reveal the communities that are discussing these subjects, enabling users to join these conversations and connect with the right people.

Engagio Search Results Page

New UI & New Logo!
In addition to the above new enhancements, we have also revamped our UI for the first time since our initial launch last February. Our new logo is notable by the way the “e” is depicted to resemble the “@”. This signals the fact that social engagement is the new Email. The Engagio Chrome Gmail plugin helps to re-enforce that concept even further by juxtaposing the social Inbox next to the email Inbox.

HTML5 Mobile Web App
Engagio is also launching an HTML5-based Mobile Web application that’s optimized for Androids and iPhone. It provides a similar to native experience and includes the Inbox, Dashboard stream and Contacts folders. Users can quickly respond from their social Inbox efficiently and they can follow friends’ conversations via the Dashboard’s stream.

Engagio Mobile iPhone Engagio Mobile Android








Engagio is now the best place to manage, follow, discover and engage in Web Conversations.

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  • awaldstein

    Congrats on this!

    A huge step towards putting each of us in the center of our online worlds.


    A huge step in putting each of us in the center of our connected lives.

    • William Mougayar

      Thanks Arnold. This paves the way for a new evolution.

      Discovering the right online conversations that engage us is a big deal, and I know that the online world is influencing more and more the real world.

      Conversations and discussions are typically great starting points!

  • Brandon Burns