One year ago, Engagio was born

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Today marks the one-year anniversary for Engagio’s market entry. A year ago, on December 6 2011, we launched the MVP with semi-private Alpha access on Fred Wilson’s blog, just 8 weeks after beginning to write the first line of code on the product.

On this occasion, I’d like to recount our accomplishments, take stock, but also look forward to the year ahead. Like other small but mighty startups, we like to think we punch above our weight.

First, I’m proud of the Engagio team: Bart Gajderowicz, Ghazaleh Etezal and Abdallah Al-Hakim. Second, I’m grateful when we hear Engagio users say great things about Engagio. That means the most to us and is a market proof that we’re doing something of significant value. So, I went to Storify and scooped a small collection of praise from the past 3 days. It includes a few non-English comments which is representative of the growing global nature of Engagio’s footprint.

Third, I’d proud of our product accomplishments. Here’s a short list of the major ones:

  • Dashboard Stream to follow anyone you’d like
  • Compose, Share, Filters from your Inbox
  • Multiple Accounts per user
  • Engagement Discovery via Email (a very popular feature with 26% click rates!)
  • Following friends from other networks
  • Working with 14 API’s to-date
  • Gmail Chrome Extension
  • HTML5 Web Mobile App
  • Internal Messaging between Engagio users
  • A revamped UI including UX improvements
  • New logo
  • Indexed 30+ million comments from 85,000 sites and close to 7 millions users
  • Browsable Discovery of popular conversations with innovative UI
  • Global Social Conversations Search across the networks we support
  • Email Conversations Alerts by keywords/search term

And on the usage side, we can brag about very high retention stats among active users with 85% returning weekly and 45% returning daily. That’s a very high stat, compared to typical standards. In addition, 24% of our traffic came from backlinks which is a testament that we’re spreading our wings in the entire web.

In sum, we have revealed the three phases of Engagio’s evolution: Manage, Follow, Discover. And we are now going to push the enveloppe further in the area of Discovery and Search because they represent a big opportunity for user growth, value-add and monetization options.

This first year has been exhilarating and rewarding. I’m looking forward to the 2nd year and ones ahead.

Thank you again if you are an Engagio user, observer or supporter.

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  • BartG

    Thanks William and the Engagio Team!

    It’s been an exciting year indeed.